The Top Five Houston TX Nightclubs

People in night club. Dancing, drinking and having fun

Houston is one of the greatest cities in the country, much less the state of Texas. You can imagine this booming city and its downtown landscape is home to many great nightclubs. Whether you’re relocating to H Town, or you’re going to be there on vacation, there are some great nightlife attractions to get familiar with. What are the top five nightclubs in Houston, Texas?

You might be in the big city of Houston with all its skyscrapers, but it’s still Texas. Therefore, you can imagine there are going to be many country & western nightclubs. For example, one of the top five nightlife hot spots in Houston is the Big Texas Dance Hall & Saloon. It’s on Holzwarth Road in Spring, Texas specifically, a suburb of Houston but included in the city limits. Reviews talk about the cover charge not being too bad, and it wouldn’t be one of the best nightclubs if people didn’t like the atmosphere of the place.

South Beach is another top Houston Club, and the pictures show it packed. This is your typical club atmosphere when it comes to the music and the dance floor, which is what many people are looking for. South Beach is a gay club, and one that Houston locals say is ‘always hip.’ It certainly a club that you should consider when experiencing the best nightlife hot spots that Houston has to offer.

Let’s keep it fresh with a new club genre again, and that’s what you get with Martini Blu. Martini Blu is a jazz and blues club, and according to the reviews, reservations are available. For starters, the club also serves as a top-notch restaurant. It’s located on FM 1960 W, and South Beach is located on Pacific Street. Now, it’s time to find one of those top nightclubs right in the heart of downtown Houston.

VAO Nightclub is one of your downtown hot spots. Remember to be open to great clubs all over Houston, and when looking specifically at downtown clubs, pay attention to midtown and fourth ward clubs, too. VAO Nightclub also features a hookah bar. It’s located right on Main Street, however, bear in mind that it’s a little small, and that means standing in line on busy nights. We’ve heard if you slip a twenty to the security guard that the line suddenly gets much shorter. (Wink, wink.) You’ll find that most of the clubs downtown will have lines due to capacity issues because of existing building structures.

For the 5th pick, are you ready for a salsa club? That has to be fun when you’re out in the city enjoying the clubs and nightlife. For a great salsa club, look no further than Houston’s Club Tropicana. The club features a band, and it’s located on Fondren Road.

There are a few honorable mentions to round out the list. Etro Lounge is a popular club in the Montrose area of Houston, and then there is Midtown’s 5th Amendment. Are you ready for one more? It’s said that everyone dances at Numbers Night Club, definitely one of the hot nightlife attractions you want to consider when in Houston, Texas.

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