Month: December 2015

Americana At Its Best – Houston TX Restaurant Tips

There are some great places to get a bite to eat in Houston and enjoy some of that good ole’ American cuisine. Houston, Texas offers you a wide array of ‘Americana’ at its best. This bay side city is one of the largest in the United States, so you can imagine you’ll need to weed through quite a few restaurants to find the gems.

Well, I’m going to do a little of that for you. I lived a little over two hours outside of Houston for nine years, and I used to travel there during baseball season to watch games at Minute Maid Park. I can tell you that if you want a Grade A steak, Landry’s in downtown Houston is one of the best restaurants available.

Another place I liked was the Home Plate Bar and Grill right across from Minute Maid Park, also in downtown Houston. You can get some great ballpark style food here, and it’s loaded with TVs dedicated to sports for the day. There is also all kinds of sports memorabilia for sale, and I actually purchased a sports card on a plaque from there and another item.

On the outskirts of Houston is plenty of farmland and suburban life, with regular restaurants vs all that the big city life itself has to offer. For example, you know you’re always going to find some good barbecue in Texas, and there is no shortage of great barbecue places, both inside the bustling city and on the outskirts.

You’ll also find your typical chain restaurants, but you might as well get yourself a piece of the unique American cuisine that Houston has to offer. You’ll definitely come out feeling like a Texan, and it’s a wonderful way to experience that Americana culture.