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The Top Five Houston TX Nightclubs

People in night club. Dancing, drinking and having fun

Houston is one of the greatest cities in the country, much less the state of Texas. You can imagine this booming city and its downtown landscape is home to many great nightclubs. Whether you’re relocating to H Town, or you’re going to be there on vacation, there are some great nightlife attractions to get familiar with. What are the top five nightclubs in Houston, Texas?

You might be in the big city of Houston with all its skyscrapers, but it’s still Texas. Therefore, you can imagine there are going to be many country & western nightclubs. For example, one of the top five nightlife hot spots in Houston is the Big Texas Dance Hall & Saloon. It’s on Holzwarth Road in Spring, Texas specifically, a suburb of Houston but included in the city limits. Reviews talk about the cover charge not being too bad, and it wouldn’t be one of the best nightclubs if people didn’t like the atmosphere of the place.

South Beach is another top Houston Club, and the pictures show it packed. This is your typical club atmosphere when it comes to the music and the dance floor, which is what many people are looking for. South Beach is a gay club, and one that Houston locals say is ‘always hip.’ It certainly a club that you should consider when experiencing the best nightlife hot spots that Houston has to offer.

Let’s keep it fresh with a new club genre again, and that’s what you get with Martini Blu. Martini Blu is a jazz and blues club, and according to the reviews, reservations are available. For starters, the club also serves as a top-notch restaurant. It’s located on FM 1960 W, and South Beach is located on Pacific Street. Now, it’s time to find one of those top nightclubs right in the heart of downtown Houston.

VAO Nightclub is one of your downtown hot spots. Remember to be open to great clubs all over Houston, and when looking specifically at downtown clubs, pay attention to midtown and fourth ward clubs, too. VAO Nightclub also features a hookah bar. It’s located right on Main Street, however, bear in mind that it’s a little small, and that means standing in line on busy nights. We’ve heard if you slip a twenty to the security guard that the line suddenly gets much shorter. (Wink, wink.) You’ll find that most of the clubs downtown will have lines due to capacity issues because of existing building structures.

For the 5th pick, are you ready for a salsa club? That has to be fun when you’re out in the city enjoying the clubs and nightlife. For a great salsa club, look no further than Houston’s Club Tropicana. The club features a band, and it’s located on Fondren Road.

There are a few honorable mentions to round out the list. Etro Lounge is a popular club in the Montrose area of Houston, and then there is Midtown’s 5th Amendment. Are you ready for one more? It’s said that everyone dances at Numbers Night Club, definitely one of the hot nightlife attractions you want to consider when in Houston, Texas.

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Americana At Its Best – Houston TX Restaurant Tips

There are some great places to get a bite to eat in Houston and enjoy some of that good ole’ American cuisine. Houston, Texas offers you a wide array of ‘Americana’ at its best. This bay side city is one of the largest in the United States, so you can imagine you’ll need to weed through quite a few restaurants to find the gems.

Well, I’m going to do a little of that for you. I lived a little over two hours outside of Houston for nine years, and I used to travel there during baseball season to watch games at Minute Maid Park. I can tell you that if you want a Grade A steak, Landry’s in downtown Houston is one of the best restaurants available.

Another place I liked was the Home Plate Bar and Grill right across from Minute Maid Park, also in downtown Houston. You can get some great ballpark style food here, and it’s loaded with TVs dedicated to sports for the day. There is also all kinds of sports memorabilia for sale, and I actually purchased a sports card on a plaque from there and another item.

On the outskirts of Houston is plenty of farmland and suburban life, with regular restaurants vs all that the big city life itself has to offer. For example, you know you’re always going to find some good barbecue in Texas, and there is no shortage of great barbecue places, both inside the bustling city and on the outskirts.

You’ll also find your typical chain restaurants, but you might as well get yourself a piece of the unique American cuisine that Houston has to offer. You’ll definitely come out feeling like a Texan, and it’s a wonderful way to experience that Americana culture.

Enjoy The Best American Food In Houston

If you are looking for some of the best American food that Texas has to offer, look no further than Houston. Houston has some of the tastiest traditional American fare, from waffles to steaks. If you are seeking hearty comfort food, Texas is the place to go.

Houston is full of many amazing restaurants, but it really shines when it comes to American food. American food just screams comfort and heartiness. You will find things like biscuits and gravy with a side of fried chicken. You can follow that up with a giant slice of apple pie and a scoop of ice cream.

Many restaurants specialize in burgers and you can find thick, beefy burgers that are slathered with fried onions and cheese. Add a homemade bun to that burger and you have a dish that is made in heaven. When you bite into that juicy slab of beef you will quickly be begging for more.

Don’t forget the traditional American breakfast fare either. Nothing is better than crisp, tangy bacon with pancakes that are topped with blueberries and whipped cream. Add a side of scrambled eggs to that meal and you have a plate that will disappear fast.

If you want something that is going to pack on the calories and quite possible contribute to heart disease, chow down on a chili dog with cheese. When you place your order you will get a foot long hot dog that is smothered in chili with melted cheese on the top. They taste amazing, but they probably aren’t very good for you.

If you are ready to try these dishes and more, head to Houston and take advantage of some of the best American cuisine in the country. The chefs are talented and the portions are huge.

Dining At American Cuisine And Tex-Mex Restaurants In Houston Texas

Houston is one of the most unique cities in the United States in that it shares a culture with their neighbors to the south. Since Houston is located very close to Mexico, you can expect to find many of the local eateries featuring American cuisine mixed with Mexican food.

While most people in other parts of the world aren’t used to eating Mexican food, visitors from out of town have their choice of the type of food they would like to consume when eating in a Houston Texas restaurant. Quickly they find out that American cuisine in Texas is largely based around something which is called Tex-Mex, and boy is it delicious.

Tex-Mex combines all the traditional Mexican flavors and blends it with American cuisine to create a unique dining experience. Foodies loves Texas for the different types of eateries that combine food from south of the border and traditional American fare. It really is the best of both worlds if you love going to restaurants that combine both Mexican and American food.

For many years now Tex-Mex restaurants are starting to pop up all over the country, not just in places like Houston. Believe it or not but you can find quality Tex-Mex food in places like New York city and Boston! But when it comes right down to it there is nothing better than those roadside eateries that offer special American cuisine in Houston featuring your favorite Tex-Mex dishes.

Houston has a vibrant restaurant scene where you can find all different types of food. People in Texas are also fiercely loyal to their own type of cooking, especially a good steak which can be had in many of the fine restaurants throughout Houston.

Good times with good people and of course good food is what makes eating out American style in Houston Texas a real treat.